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Resident-led Initiatives:
Championing diversity in halton

Food Fair

Calling All Change-Makers!


Are you passionate about championing diversity in the vibrant region of Halton?


Do you have creative ideas for community-based events that can leave a lasting impact in 2024?

Look no further – join our Resident Working Group and turn your ideas into reality!


Make a Difference:


HEDR has allocated funding for 6 Resident-led initiatives in 2024-2025. To that end, we are forming a Resident Working Group in 2024. This is your chance to bring your innovative ideas to life with the financial backing needed to make a real impact in our community.

Be a driving force in shaping the cultural landscape of Halton. Your voice matters, and we're giving you the platform to lead. Join forces with like-minded residents and be a catalyst for positive change.

Why join


Community Empowerment

Play an active role in empowering the Halton community through diversity-driven initiatives.



Gain experience and support bringing your ideas to life. A Program Coordinator will help you funnel your creative ideas and turn them into practicable initiatives. If you ever wanted to plan events on a larger scale - fully funded - this is your chance to do it.



Connect with fellow residents who share your passion and enthusiasm for positive change.


Make 2024 Unforgettable:


From Lunch & Learns to Cultural song and dance performances to Community Potlucks - we want to hear all your innovative suggestions and manifest  them into a reality.

Be part of something bigger – join the Resident Working Group and let's create a more inclusive Halton together


Ready to be a changemaker?  


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