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With a range of programs and services available, Halton Equity Diversity Roundtable is committed to supporting our member organizations in moving from policy to action. Our team is dedicated to creating more equitable and diverse communities, and we provide the resources and guidance you need to make a real impact.


In our collective workplaces and organizations, we often state the fundamental principles of respect and equality for all. Core values of any organization usually list ‘diversity’, ‘respect’ and ‘inclusion’ within statements of mission and purpose. However, values are much more than words, and to truly embed these values into the structure and life of any organization requires honest examination and evaluation.

To assist an organization, and the individuals within an organization, in the progressive journey towards diversity and inclusivity, this self-assessment tool is meant to facilitate reflective conversations around “how we are doing” and “what we could be doing”. It is meant to springboard assessment conversations toward meaningful and continuous action. It is meant to inspire mindfulness and responsiveness. It is not meant to feel competitive, in that high scores are the only objective. Additionally, a high score does not mean that equity and inclusion work is finished. This tool is not an exhaustive checklist and it will constantly evolve and change as the field of equity, diversity and inclusion develops over time and our learning journeys progress.


This project aims to empower underrepresented communities through the development of resident-focused programs in Halton.


The project will take place in Halton Region, encompassing the municipalities of Burlington, Halton Hills, Georgetown, Milton, and Oakville, between January 2024 and March 2025.


Overall, the project’s activities will advocate for systemic change and justice at the local level by building skills and resiliency for community members and increasing access to employment, education, and advocacy.

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