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Plenary Session | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Breaking Down Racism at Work: A Perspective of Canadian Workplaces

BALM - Believe Act Live Manifest Inc.

In this panel, we're getting real about racism against Black people in Canadian workplaces.

This panel delves into the pervasive issue of anti-Black racism within Canadian workplaces,

exploring its intricate nature with the country's multicultural mosaic. While Canada prides

itself on its multicultural identity, the reality for Black individuals often diverges from this

narrative, marked by systemic discrimination, whitewashing, and marginalization. Through

a nuanced examination, the panel aims to uncover the complexities of anti-Black racism,

contextualizing it within the broader framework of Canadian multiculturalism and the

definition of racism in broader understanding.


Drawing on both scholarly research and lived experiences, panellists will illustrate the ways

in which anti-Black racism manifests in various organizational structures, hiring practices,

and workplace dynamics. Moreover, they will dissect the subtle yet insidious mechanisms

of whitewashing, wherein Black identities are erased or diluted to conform to Eurocentric

norms, perpetuating systemic inequalities.


Key topics of discussion include the impact of multicultural policies on addressing anti-

Black racism, challenges faced by Black professionals in navigating corporate

environments, and strategies for fostering inclusive workplaces where Black voices are

valued and respected. By oMering practical takeaways and actionable insights, attendees

will gain a deeper understanding of how to recognize and combat anti-Black racism in their

respective spheres of influence, contributing to creating more equitable and inclusive

workplaces across Canada.


Panel Takeaways for attendees:

  • Recognizing and confronting unconscious biases in hiring and promotion processes.

  • Implementing diversity and inclusion training programs tailored to address anti-Black

  • racism.

  • Creating support networks and mentorship opportunities for Black professionals

  • within organizations.

  • Amplifying Black voices and perspectives in decision-making processes and

  • corporate culture.

  • Advocating for policy changes that prioritize equity and dismantle systemic barriers for Black individuals in the workplace.

Lunchtime Keynote | 12: 15 PM - 1:00 PM

Equity at Work: Breaking Barriers & Building Equitable Workplaces

presented by FEDCap

In this panel discussion, we bring together experts from diverse backgrounds—the Black, Newcomer, Disabled, and Indigenous communities—to explore strategies for achieving true employment equity. We’ll delve into actionable steps for dismantling barriers, fostering inclusivity, and creating workplaces where everyone thrives.

The focus will be on understanding and addressing the specific challenges faced by these groups in finding work within the Halton region. Join us as we discuss innovative approaches, share success stories, and collectively work toward a more equitable professional landscape.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding Systemic Barriers: Participants will gain insights into the systemic barriers faced by marginalized communities (Black, Newcomer, Disabled, and Indigenous) in accessing employment opportunities within the Halton region.

  • Identifying Intersectional Challenges: Attendees will explore the intersectionality of identities and how it impacts employment equity. We’ll delve into the unique challenges faced by individuals who belong to multiple marginalized groups.

  • Exploring Inclusive Hiring Practices: Panelists will discuss evidence-based strategies for promoting inclusive hiring practices. Participants will learn about bias reduction, equitable recruitment, and fostering diverse talent pipelines.

  • Leveraging Community Resources: The session will highlight local resources available to support employment equity efforts. Participants will discover community organizations, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities.

  • Creating Actionable Plans: By the end of the discussion, attendees will be equipped with practical steps to advocate for employment equity in their workplaces. We’ll encourage actionable commitments toward building more equitable and inclusive work environments.

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