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Intersections of Grief and Trauma

Breakout Session

Intersections   of Grief and Trauma
Intersections   of Grief and Trauma

Czas i lokalizacja

06 cze 2024, 10:15 – 11:15

Milton, 8560 Tremaine Rd, Milton, ON L9T 2X3, Canada


O wydarzeniu

"Intersections   of Grief and Trauma" is an educational lecture exploring grief, loss and   trauma through an intersectional and anti-oppressive lens. Grief/loss is   often a taboo topic, despite it being an integral part of the human   experience. Without lived experience, we may not consider how grief, loss and   traumatic loss are deeply affected by factors like systemic oppression,   colonization, racism, homophobia, etc. Session flow: Intro/About the Facilitator, Preparing to Learn (setting the   stage for learning, trigger warnings), Getting Grounded (mindfulness   exercise), About You (reflection on participants’ social location), What is   Intersectionality (and why is it important), Definitions: Grief, Trauma   (types of trauma), Resilience, Traumatic Grief, Mindfulness Break (somatic   exercise), Implications for Professional Practice, Case Study, Group   Reflections and Check Out.  

Grief and trauma are shared experiences by   humans present, past and future. Often in conversations on these subjects,   there is a lack of intersectionality and social awareness. For members of   disenfranchised communities, Black, Indigenous and Racialized people, as well   as 2SLBGTQ+ people, resilience or the ability to persevere through extreme   difficulty is deeply tied to connection and community.    Learning Objectives:    - Understanding of intersectionality and its relevance to grief and   trauma    - Identify various types of trauma: acute, developmental, generational,   historical    - Practical implications for healthcare professionals, community workers,   social service workers, etc.    - Increased self-awareness and empathy

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