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While the entire HEDR membership is responsible for the overall strategic direction and leadership of HEDR, the Coordinating Committee (CC) is responsible for the effective coordination and management of the activities and actions identified by the entire HEDR membership.  It oversees the implementation of the vision, mission and strategic priorities of HEDR and provides guidance, direction, and recommendations to HEDR and HEDR’s Working Groups.  The Coordinating Committee is committed to shared leadership, thoughtful process of HEDR’s work, and creating sustained momentum for continuing HEDR’s work in a timely manner.

MEET OUR The Manager

Daven Seebarran is a highly skilled senior leader, management consultant, and DEI specialist who has worked extensively in the non-profit sector throughout Canada for over two decades.  He has over a decade of experience as an executive director with specific expertise in non-profit management, organizational development, resource development, and leadership coaching.  He brings a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens to his work.  

When he is not in the board room, you can find Daven travelling the world.


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MEET OUR Project COordinator

Red Orange Light Art

Kenneth Melveettil is a graduate of the Schulich School of Business and a passionate advocate for social justice. As a queer person of colour, he brings a unique perspective to his work as a consultant and is dedicated to fostering equity, diversity and inclusion within the workplace.


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Interested in joining the Coordinating Committee?  Learn more by downloading our terms of reference.

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