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чт, 06 июн.


The Gambrel Barn

Equity at Work: Breaking Barriers & Building Equitable Workplaces:

Presented by FEDCap

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Equity   at Work: Breaking Barriers & Building Equitable Workplaces:
Equity   at Work: Breaking Barriers & Building Equitable Workplaces:

Время и место

06 июн. 2024 г., 12:15 – 13:00

The Gambrel Barn, 8560 Tremaine Rd, Milton, ON L9T 2X3, Canada


О событии

In this panel discussion, we bring together experts from diverse   backgrounds—the Black, Newcomer, Disabled, and Indigenous communities—to   explore strategies for achieving true employment equity. We’ll delve into   actionable steps for dismantling barriers, fostering inclusivity, and   creating workplaces where everyone thrives. 

Our focus will be on   understanding and addressing the specific challenges faced by these groups in   finding work within the Halton region. Join us as we discuss innovative   approaches, share success stories, and collectively work toward a more   equitable professional landscape.       

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding Systemic Barriers: Participants will gain insights into the   systemic barriers faced by marginalized communities (Black, Newcomer,   Disabled, and Indigenous) in accessing employment opportunities within the   Halton region.       
  • Identifying Intersectional Challenges: Attendees will explore the   intersectionality of identities and how it impacts employment equity. We’ll   delve into the unique challenges faced by individuals who belong to multiple   marginalized groups.       
  • Exploring Inclusive Hiring Practices: Panelists will discuss   evidence-based strategies for promoting inclusive hiring practices.   Participants will learn about bias reduction, equitable recruitment, and   fostering diverse talent pipelines.       
  • Leveraging Community Resources: The session will highlight local   resources available to support employment equity efforts. Participants will   discover community organizations, mentorship programs, and networking   opportunities.       
  • Creating Actionable Plans: By the end of the discussion, attendees will   be equipped with practical steps to advocate for employment equity in their   workplaces. We’ll encourage actionable commitments toward building more   equitable and inclusive work environments.       


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