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The EDI Level 1 Training will be led by STR Consulting and is an introductory interactive online training that offers participants an opportunity to unpack and understand the current political climate. 


The training will build a foundation of definitions and concepts that are critical towards understanding race relations in society but more specifically in Canada. 


Through experiential learning approaches this training will engage, offer and challenge participants to go deep and pull from their wealth of experiences to make connections towards creating lasting systemic changes in their personal and professional work.


STR Online EDI Training Level 1 Series includes 3 (3-hr) Workshops:

1. So You Want To Talk Race - Friday January 12th 9am-12pm (Virtual)

2. Digging Deeper - Friday January 26th, 2024 - 9am-12pm (In-Person)

3. Going Beyond Symbols and Statements - Friday February 2nd, 2024 9am-12pm (Virtual)


HPIC and HSJCC have come together to establish a Community of Practice (CoP) with the aim of advancing equity and anti-racism practices in Halton. STR Consulting will provide support for this initiative.

Our CoP comprises individuals and people leaders who are dedicated to promoting equity, anti-racism, and anti-oppression (AR/AO) within their respective organizations. We firmly believe that by collaborating, we can contribute to creating a more equitable and inclusive society.


We would be honoured to have you consider joining our CoP. As a member, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals, share your expertise, and contribute to advancing equity and anti-racism within our agencies.

We welcome members who meet the following criteria:

  • People leaders with the authority to drive change, including but not limited to: Management, Human Resources, Operations, Policy, CEOs, Executive Directors etc.

  • Individuals with an interest in advancing equity and anti-oppression

  • Active engagement and a commitment to participating in a working group and collaborative implementation


This CoP will focus on the following organizational themes:

1. Equitable hiring, onboarding, and succession planning

2. Leadership and capacity building

3. Accountability, advocacy, and change management


Your commitment will involve:

  • Attending one 2-hour meeting every two months throughout the year (less summer and holidays)

  • Actively participating and engaging in meetings

  • Completing assessments and collaborative tasks

Dates for COP:

January 26th – 1 pm to 4 pm- (IN PERSON)

February 23rd1 pm to 4 pm (Virtual)

March 22nd- 1 pm to 4 pm (Virtual)


If you are interested in joining the CoP, please reach out to:

Alfred Barretto email:

Kimberly Cato email:

Once you register, please expect a follow-up email with the next steps.

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