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presented by Mending the Chasm

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In this presentation, Dr. Amy Montour will link history to the present day through Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Two-Eyed Seeing will be introduced as a cognitive tool to improve the design and delivery of services for the benefit of Indigenous people.


  1. Linking Indigenous Ways of Knowing from the historical to the contemporary context

  2. Examining Two-Eyed Seeing as a tool for building relationships and collaborating with Indigenous people

  3. Actioning Truth & Reconciliation in our everyday lives

Plenary Session

Indigenous Ways of Knowing in the Modern Context

Lunchtime Keynote

2SLGBTQ+ Pride Panel

presented by Drag Academy

Conversations about workplace belonging have taken center stage in recent years. Research into the topic builds a solid case linking diversity with business success. Increasing workplace belonging can help companies evolve, innovate, problem-solve, and be more efficient. Moreover, highly diverse workplaces offer employees a better sense of community, increased worker engagement, and a more positive corporate culture. ​


Drag Academy's Diversity Panel features three incredible drag artists.


Over ninety minutes, the cast will lead a fireside chat on various DEI topics. Each artist reflects on the following:

  • The importance of Diversity and Inclusion Ways of creating inclusive work environments

  • The Role of Allyship

  • The importance of representation

  • Identities and Intersectionality

  • Culture and traditions


Miss Shay Dee

She is a dancer and drag performer who inspires and empowers youth and young adults. She was born in Mexico, raised in the US, and now lives in Canada where she is a University of Toronto alum. Despite her "shady" persona, Miss Shay Dee is kind and supportive, and advocates for diversity and inclusion. She collaborates with organizations like The 519, Drag Academy, and the You Do You Foundation. Miss Shay Dee is also a recording artist signed with SoFierce Music & Sony Music Entertainment and has appeared on Global TV's Private Eyes, Toronto's latin scene, and OutTV's Call Me Mother. She was recently crowned Miss El Convento Rico 2022-2023.


Prince Manny Dingo

Manny Dingo is a Drag King that hails from Haliwood, Nova Scotia. He has been performing since 2015 and started taking up space in Toronto in 2019. He is a powerhouse performer, shy boi, and amature DJ. He serves you a mixture of Prince, Lil Nas X and your favorite fashionable gay uncle. He incorporates gymnastics with voguing, waacking and smooth dance moves across the floor.


Jezebel Bardot

Jezebel Bardot is Toronto’s French-Canadian drag performing artist. Starting her career with impersonations of comedy tycoon Joan Rivers, Jezebel has modeled her stage persona around strong, inspiring women such as Joan Rivers, Céline Dion & Dolly Parton. By day, Jezebel works in education and has a background in Sport Psychology & Physical Education. On stage this translates into Jezebel’s characteristic heart, wit, and striking athleticism. Just like a tall glass of fine French wine, madame Bardot serves full body, pairs well with meaty dishes and leaves a sweet aftertaste.

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This panel will unpack the persisting experiences of anti-Asian racism in Canada and their impact on our Asian colleagues and communities. As we learn through these experiences, the discrimination and limitations faced by Asian Canadians long precede the sharp rise of xenophobia and racism against Asians since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The panelists will explore how anti-Asian racism shows up in our workplaces and neighborhoods as well as policies and systems, and why it's important to discuss anti-Asian racism in the context of equity and diversity in the Halton region and beyond. Through this discussion, we will arrive at actionable strategies and recommendations for combatting anti-Asian racism as leaders and allies in our communities.

Closing Keynote

Anti-Asian Racism Panel

presented by Halton Police Services

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