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Unlock Your Leadership Potential:
Community Leadership Program

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HEDR is excited to launch our Community Leadership Training Program in Spring 2024 – your gateway to becoming a dynamic community leader. Designed for passionate individuals ready to make a positive impact, this program aims to transform you into the mindful leader you always had the potential to be.

learning outcomes

By the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Articulate what diversity, inclusion, equity, allyship, and anti-oppression mean to you

  • Use current DEI terminology and concepts 

  • Apply inclusive communication strategies (speak up for equity & inclusion, take accountability & own mistakes, and create space for others)

  • Articulate the impact of unconscious bias, privilege, and power on individuals and groups

  • Identify opportunities to practice allyship and to share your power with others

  • Develop a plan to take action on your personal commitments

Embark on a course of personal development, becoming a leader who considers DEI at the heart of your decision-making. Make a lasting impact on your community by leading inclusively within your organization and your community.


Ready to lead with purpose? Join the Community Leadership Training Program and become the catalyst for a stronger, more vibrant Halton!


Module 1

The focus of this module is on creating a shared foundation for the program:

  • What is DEI? Why does it matter? How does it benefit organizations? 

  • Intention versus Impact

  • basic DEI terminology, definitions, and table stakes for this conversation

  • In Live Session: setting Personal Impact Goals 


Module 2:

The focus of this module is on individual actions that support allyship:

  • power & structural power

  • privilege & disadvantage - what is it and how does it work?

  • identity & diversity

  • intersectionality & why it matters

  • In Live Session: self-audit, self-reflection, and open Q&A discussion (all questions welcome)


Module 3

The focus of this module is on interpersonal actions that support allyship:

  • introduction to 3 allyship skills to increase inclusion (speak up, own mistakes, and create space for others)

  • In Live Session: skill practice, Personal Impact Goals action plan, and accountability setting


Module 4

The focus of this module is on becoming aware of structural power at work:​​

  • structural inequity & complicity in the status quo

  • unconscious bias

  • where do we go from here?

  • In Live Session: unconscious bias exercise & beginning work with the HEDR Organizational Assessment Tool


Module 5

The focus in this module is on understanding power structures in the workplace:

  • 4 more ways of holding/sharing power in a workplace

  • where is power located in my organization? & how do I fix what's broken?

  • introduction to the data-driven DEI work of Lily Zheng (they/them)

  • In Live Session: power map exercise and continuing work with the HEDR Organizational Assessment Tool


Module 6

The focus in this module is on structural actions that support allyship:

  • 6 successful case studies of actions organizations took to reach their DEI goals

  • In Live Session: sharing their own case studies, revisiting Impact goals, & creating an organizational action plan

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